In Utero: ..."Moderate Rock"... May day, every day, is my day!Could've had a heart attack, my heart!He don't know heads or tales, my heart!We all want something fair, my heart...["They can amputate my legCut it off with a saw it's my arm" --Steve] Hey!...hey! heeeeeeeey! hey! heeeeey! Out of town, out of fire, is my eyes!He don't know heads or tales, my heart!One more at the phone, my eyes!One more, at the phone, my heart!Hey!...hey!...heeeeeeeeeey! Mean heart! Cold heart! Cold heart! Cold heart! Cold heart! Cold heart! Cold heart! Cold heart.......heeeeeeeey... From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah:[Dave:] "Hey bootleggers..."" This, this is a new song and we don't really feel like... actually going through the trouble of putting out ourselves so-"[Kurt:] "This song is called "'The Eagle Has Landed'"[Dave:] "Yes. And it's for all of you bootleggers to go ahead and go!" Tell tales in defense of my eyes.Don't know heads or tails - phone home!Pretend these, in defense of my eyes.Into me, entertain, my eyes! Hey!... Ey!... Eeeeey!Down tales and tales, my eyes!Into me, heads like these, phone home!See and tell, heads or tails, my eyes!Into me, see them see, my eyes! Hey!...... Eeeeeey! Aaaaa!.....Tell tales in defense, see eyes!See and tell, heads or tails, cold heart!In the days, scent of free, mean eyes!Into me, center stage, cold bones! Hey!... Eeeeeeeey!... Heeeeey! Deed! Mean heart! Mean eyes! Mean eyes! Mean eyes!
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