Paper Cuts

When I feel tired[At my feeding time]She pushed food through the doorI crawl toward the crest of lightSometimes I can't my wayNewspapers spread all aroundSoaking all they canA cleaning is due againA good hosing down The lady who I fell maternal love forcannot look me in the eyesBut I see hers and they are blueand they cock and twist and masturbate Ahhhh!I said so! (x3)Nirvana (x6) Black windows of paintI scratch with my nailsI see others just like meWhy do they not try to escape?They bring out the older onesThey point in my wayThey come in a flash of lightAnd take my family away And lately I have learned toaccept some friends of ridiculeMy whole existence is for your amusementAnd that is why I'm here with you Today[Meet, meat, beat or see] me!You're right!Nirvana (x7)
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