Floyd The Barber

"Hello Cobain, come on in"[Sign on door read "Come on in"]["Hello potty-trained, come on in"][Bell on door ring, come on in]Floyd observes my hairy chin" Sit down chair don't be afraid"Steaming hot towel on my face I was shavedI was shamedI was shaved Barney ties me to the chairI can't see I'm really scaredFloyd breathes hard, I hear a zippee- pee pressed against my lips I was shamedI was shavedI was shaved [Guitar Solo] Uh, UhI sense others in the room[Floyd sends others in the room]Opie, Aunt Bea, I presumeThey take turns and cut me upI die smothered in Andy's clutch[Aunt Bea's muff] [Andy's snot][and a slut --Bruce Richards ] I was shavedI was shavedI was shamed
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