Kentucky Fried Blues

Kentucky Fried Blues I got no time to eatI got no time to sleepI got a truck full of stuffShould've been there last weekI've been livin' in truck stopsMy body feels usedGot the hamburger that's right, yeahThe kentucky fried blues Flyin' high in my cabGot my foot on the gasGot to get there tonightShowin' nothin' but a passTired of livin' in truck stops, have mercyMy body feels usedGot the hamburger, that's right, yeahKentucky fried blues Even in the fast laneSeems to slow down my brainGot one hell of a deadlineRiggers do not complainTired of livin' in truck stopsLord my body feels usedGot the hamburger that's right yeah, yeah, yeahKentucky fried blues. Words and music by Dan McCafferty, Manny Charlton, Pete Agnewand Darrell Sweet(copyright 1977 mtb music,inc. for u.s.a. and canada)(copyright 1977 nazsongs/panache music ltd. for the rest of the world)international copyright secured
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