Changin' Times

Changin' Times When I was younger I used to understandThat when you're with a girl, you gotta act like a manMama told me that's the way it should beAnd I know my mama never lied to me. What do you think about you're changin' times'cause when I'm with you I just can't make up my mindSince I met you don't know right from wrongSomebody tell me just what's goin' on Just can't get myself thinkin' straightI'm all shook up and in a terrible stateSometimes I think I got it all figured outThen you do something new and it just knocks me right out Someday baby I'm going to have to make a standThe way that you treat me babyDon't make me feel too much like a manAnd baby, baby, the changes you're goin' throughYou're drivin' me half crazyCan't make up my mind what to do about you. Tellin' myself that time is on my sideYou're gettin' this feelin' that my mind's on the slideDumped on the floor, I feel I'm trapped in a spinDon't know how to end, can't think of where to begin She don't care I know she don't even tryBut when she turns it onYou know she gets me so high. She's a lady that's making my life a sinYou know that I'm runnin' in a losin' raceThere ain't no way I can winBaby, baby, the changes you're goin' throughThey're drivin' me half crazyCan't make up my mind what to do about you. (copyright 1975 Nazareth)(published by Bienstock Publishing Co.)all rights reserved.copyright 1975 A&M Records,inc.
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